L Tido, Anele and Minnie seeks support for the Alexandra fire victims

L Tido, Anele Mdoda and Minnie Dlamini seek help for the Alexandra fire victim which occurred over a week.

The celebrities felt pity for the victims and did what they could afford. Though, Minnie was moved because that’s where her Dad was born. She’s been there together with Anele and other celebs to share relief materials.

The rapper took to his Instagram and shared a video seeking for help. He also said:
“I came back to Joburg to hear these devastating news. I REALLY REALLY NEED YOUR HELP

🙏🏽 Anyone willing to give a helping hand (with literally anything at all, can even be a loaf of bread or old clothes) can simply leave a comment and we’ll DM you. THIS IS AN URGENT MATTER

However, these are snaps of Minnie and Anele’s visit to the Alexandra victim and their conversations on social media:

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