I am not Nigerian ,but I am West African By Stacy M. Amewoyi

I’m mixed with Ghana and Nigerian (Ghanian &Nigerien).On behalf of my  West African brothers and sisters I apologize to all the African Americans who’ve been belittled by our people. I have noticed instances that both Africans and African Americans have talk down on each other .I always make it a point to speak against that.
This animosity amongst us has deep roots !! I don’t know when it began but for the longest there has been some type of hatred that has widen the gap between us . Pulling us father apart. I simply want to draw our attention to the fact that lineage wise we are all of african ancestry .  There will never be peace or unity if we keep focusing on our differences. Yes we all have our own struggles but We must all help support each other’s movements .It’s Black Lives Matter not Just African American Lives or  African lives . The common denominator is our skin and heritage!! Its sad how people are saying that it’s an African problem so they as African Americans wont support them and vice versa .
Do you think the cops or oppressors care if you are African or African Americans? The answer is no .When black lives are been taken and oppressed due to whatever the situation may be , let us realize that it a black problem. Its about time we stop shifting  blame and stand up together.
We already have bigger issues to focus on instead worrying  about ethnic differences .Shame to all the Africans who’ve made African Americans felt less African because they weren’t born in Africa. Shame to all the aunties and uncles, mommies and daddies who talk down on African Americans and call them all kinds of names. Shame to all the African Americans who didn’t want to associate themselves with Africans because they think we are savges and uncivilized.Shame to all who didn’t clam their African heritage till black panther came out .I remember how majority of you said  wakanda forever yet you place yourselves above us .Please I’m begging you , don’t pick and choose whose side you want to support. A black problem is an all black problem. From now on if you put a BLM in your bio you are saying All BLACK LIVES MATTER that also goes for everything we face as a collective

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