Eric Dickerson Wants $300k a Year for Hall of Famers

Eric Dickerson is demanding Hall of Famers get a respectable salary for life … and now he’s revealing exactly what they deserve, telling TMZ Sports they want $300k a year.

Dickerson announced he formed a committee with a group of HOFers — including Jerry Rice, Deion Sanders and Jim Brown — and demanded the NFL provide them with access to health care and a yearly salary.

In a letter to the NFL, the HOFers say they’ll boycott future ceremonies in Canton if they can’t come to a fair agreement.

We talked to Dickerson … and he told us exactly what the NFL legends are lookin’ for — and it’s a lot of green.

“If it was up to me, I think every Hall of Famer would get about $300,000 a year. I think that would be a proper number.”

Do the math … 318 Hall of Famers multiplied by $300k … that’s more than $95 million a year.

Some players have died — but are represented by their families (like in the case of Reggie White whosewidow is part of the committee.)

FYI — the NFL’s 2017 revenue was reportedly in excess of $14 BILLION.

But, that ain’t all E.D.’s after … he eventually wants ALL former players — not just the NFL legends — to get a 6-figure salary and health care.

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