Enough Of The Selfish Lifestyle By Stacy M.Amewoyi

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle and the life of that single candle will not be shortened, as such, happiness will never be decreased by being shared.
Why are people so accustomed to living life the selfish way? Due to life’s turbulent, people have refused to see the beauty thereof in life. Whilst some are born naturally selfish, others learn this and the rest blame it on life’s adventures.
But how do you feel at the end of the day, if you refuse to smile, tell a joke or say something pleasant to another? You have the highest position at work with five zeros at the end of the month; therefore, the world is beneath your elbow; sweetheart, you may suffer an attack and people will see it as one of those things.
Life is not measured by the number of breathes we take but by the moments that take our breath away. Which moments take your breath away? Are those the ones which come by when you are offended by an uber driver and you spew the anger on all your colleagues at work?
Or you believe, you are the only person without self-control, or that, your problems are bigger than the roundabout? Selfish people have a specific trait or action which arises from the fear of losing control.
The moment you step into the picture you are disrupting their goal. The selfish person will continue doing things behind your back and plotting a different angle to suit themselves. The lack of control scares them. They have to manipulate everything.
The fact that, you are born alone, gives you no room to look down upon people, making them feel inferior whilst you take all their shine. Taking the glory of others makes you the weakest person on earth.
Never make fun of someone who mispronounces a word. It means they learned it by reading. If you believe you speak better than others, that is a plus to you. But for those who mispronounce words, just be conscious of the fact that, all fingers aren’t equal.
Being selfish is self-absorbing of others. This type of personality is arrogant and self-indulging. There are ways to deal with selfishness and remove those who bathe only in their glory.
Men spend their lives on anticipation, determining to be to be vastly happy at some period when they have time but the present time has one advantage over the other.  Thus, forgo your past and relief yourself of that slavery of being bounded to it.
Past opportunities are gone, future have not come, we may lay in stock of pleasures as we will lay in stock of wine, but if we defer the tasting of them too long, we shall find that both are soured by age.
Before you realize, life is good and there is no need to hold on to just yourself, you may have goofed all of those good years away. Take a break from being alone in your head. Try something new by being nice to people and wish better for others.
Greediness is the act; selfishness is the qualities. The good book says in 2Timothy 3:1-5 that in the last days, a lot of selfish deeds will penetrate the system as a means of the devil to lure more people to his side.
Try take a read and examine yourself if you are not a partaker in this devilish schemes. Pay your employees well, whether qualified or not. What makes you think without your salary, they will not survive? You must be joking.
Don’t look down on them or disrespect their views, you only hold that position for now. Time changes, hence you will find same people at higher places someday and how you are going to feel on that day, well I leave that to you.
Proverbs 3:27, says, withhold not good from them, to whom is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it. treat your employees well and your end results will be good.
What matters isn’t what a person have or doesn’t have; is what he or she is afraid of losing. Be cautious of how you treat people, don’t let selfishness blind your sense of reasoning.
There is always some truth behind, just kidding, knowledge behind, I don’t know, or emotions behind I don’t care and pain behind, it’s okay. Learn to decipher between these words, and tread with care, people you come across always.
In order to feel better, you brag and make everything about you seem relevant. Dear, life is too short; don’t let that narrow you to your pits very soon, in other words, don’t come and kill yourself!
No one is interested in what you’ve had, have or will have anyway. We equally have concerns too, just give yourself a break of being real for once and those around you will surprisingly praise you.
Most of us have a hard time with criticism, but at the same time, we know somewhere deep down that some criticism is necessary for improvement. But selfishness rejects any sort of criticism.
This is the person who completely flips out when someone criticizes them, for anything. They assume a true friend of theirs is a person who focuses only on their positives and ignores their negatives. So, when someone offers helpful critique with the full intention of helping them, they interpret it as scorn and disrespect.
This is a subtle form of selfishness for obvious reasons. People who are hyper-sensitive to criticism are quick to defend themselves and rationalize their issues because they feel like they’re not supposed to make mistakes.
The irony is, most of us would be better than we are if we willfully allowed people to speak into our lives and help us grow!
A selfish person has too high expectations for him/herself and never accepts a compliment. They never feel like they’ve succeeded even when they clearly have, as they expect nothing but perfection of themselves.
They might seem humble because they’re hard on themselves, but inside they hold themselves to an insane standard for human achievement.
This can be a subtle form of selfishness because it ignores one’s own natural limitations and assumes one should be able to do anything at any time. While positive thinking is a good thing, the reality is, most of us aren’t able to do whatever we want to do even if we put our minds to it. We all have limitations and should learn to embrace them as part of our humanity.
Selfish lifestyle, finds flaws in anything. It finds flaws in the way people talk and dress. You’re watching TV and notice a beautiful or handsome character? They’ll go on a tirade about the makeup and eating disorders or how immoral the beautiful/handsome character probably is.
It makes them feel above others in a self-proclaimed position of authority because they’ve identified a mistake somewhere. I’ve been this guy, too. People slowly started hanging around me less. My love for pointing out problems eventually turned me into one.
I’ve learned that a person can be selfish in some areas life and unselfish in others, and I’ve learned that getting rid of selfishness is a slow, piece-by-piece process. I’ve also learned that some forms of selfishness can be so subtle that you might never notice it until serious damage has been done.
When we act in selfishness, we often stir up controversy or disagreements in all sorts of areas. You’ve seen this in other people: the type of people who not only stumble across online articles they disagree with but actively look for them.
They seem to enjoy spending a great deal of their waking hours angry at something. They don’t just disagree with some things; they want to disagree with almost everything. People generally don’t enjoy being around these types.
Drop that cloak of selfishness and realize that, dreams still come true when you love others and appreciate the little you receive or have. We all need each other to survive, but if you believe you have get it all to feel on top of the world, then you are certainly not human

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